Enterprise Introduction

EMG Introduction

The beauty of nature is beyond the mountain and hide inside the stone. The mission of EMG is to deliver the beauty of stone to people. EMG believed that heritage, innovation and sharing is the right way to create value. While the fusion of design, technology and stone is the direction that EMG has always held fast to.


Stone is one of the oldest natural materials that mankind has continued to use till today. EMG has inherited the stone aesthetics from the predecessors, and has been looking for the most beautiful stone all over the world. Its footprints have covered the Sahara Desert, the Red Sea from Egypt, the ancient volcano from Turkey, Jerusalem, Efes Antique City, North Africa and South America. EMG had found more than 100 stone varieties such as Castle Grey, Sahara Grey, Desert Wind, Sina Pearl, Moon Valley, Grey Onyx, Efes White and Water Clouds etc. These stone varieties have been applied to the projects by the world class design firms and designers such as

Yabu Pushelberg, Wilson Associate, HBA, SOM and Giorgio Armani etc. The most classical stone are Kirmenjak: the building material for Venice, the city on the water, Valtura: the stone for Pula Arena which has a history of 2500 years, and Grey Onyx: the stone that Giorgio Armani is in favor of.


Model Innovation

There are 3 main restrictions for the development of stone industry: (1). Lack of common standards for natural stone; (2). Lack of transparency of information and high transaction cost due to the excessive bargain links; (3). Low cooperativeness between upstream and downstream firms. EMG thinks outside of box and comes up with the original idea of forging a platform of information sharing and cooperation between 4 parties: quarry, designer, factory and client, aiming at unifying standards within a wide range, omitting the intermediary and avoiding information opaque. After years of exploration and practice, EMG initiated quarry customization business mode which has been successfully implemented and approved, and developed the innovative tools and services such as quarry authentication, 7-segment flow and 4-party cooperation management system, Sudoku classification, 5-dimension varieties analysis and quarry customization stone supply mode, thus set up a brand new multi-industry cooperation mode and explored a new path for the development of stone industry. Till now, more than 40 quarries have joined EMG on the cooperative platform of quarry customization. EMG has

provided B2B quarry customization stone supply solutions for more than 100 design firms and over 1000 projects all around the world, among them there are some landmark projects such as the 1st Armani Apartment in China, Lane Crawford Shanghai, Four Seasons Apartment Shanghai and Hyatt hotels etc.

Product Innovaton

Beside the business mode innovation, EMG has been sustainably committed to the stone design and product innovation. EMG not only keeps good contact and cooperation with the well-known designers, but holds varied design exhibitions and events, and supports different design innovation projects such as Architectural Biennale, DADA digital architecture in collaboration with Tsinghua University ( digital constructing on stone),Upcycling Design Exhibition in collaboration with British Embassy Beijing and Stone Product Design Course in collaboration with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts etc. in order to combine innovation with technology and explore the brand new stone application schemes. On the international level, EMG set up the Sino-Italian Stone Design Innovation Research Center together with Italian Stone College and College of Design of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with the aim to promote the innovation of stone design and application. EMG has invested lots of resources in interior design application, architecture design application, furniture design application, and has achieved world-class level on design talents and technological reserve.


Since its foundation in 2010, EMG has held more than 300 exhibitions and events related with culture, art and design. By holding stone lectures, EMG has regularly spread the cutting-edge stone knowledge to more than 100 design institutes which includes Sheraton Hotel Management Group, HBA Singapore and Wilson Associates Singapore etc. EMG’s mission is to deliver the beauty of natural stone, inherit the wisdom of predecessors, combine new technology with innovative design, explore the possibilities of stone innovative application, bring the beauty of stone to life and let more people enjoy it. On August 18, 2016, EMG Cultural Creativity Holding Co., Ltd. was officially listed as a public company (Stock Name: 大石馆, Stock Code: 838196). On this new stage, EMG will continue searching more beautiful stone, joint more innovative designs and technologies and devote to promote the innovation and development in the stone field.

Chronicle of Events

EMG was founded in 2010 ( original name: Guangzhou North Latitude 23 Stone Co., Ltd.)

08/01/2010: EMGdotART Guangzhou opened

07/05/2011:EMGdotART Beijing opened

09/2012: EMGdotART Shanghai opened

2013: EMGdotART Foundation was established in Venice, Italy ( the 1stculture and art foundation established by Chinese enterprise in Venice)

2013: Won Best Business Mode award by 21 Century Business Review

2013: Won China Culture Creativity Outstanding Contribution Award by Longteng Award

2014: Palazzo Zen opened in Venice, Italy (the 1stpermanent culture and art centerbyChinese civil institution in Venice)

02/2016: Shareholding reform and rename Guangzhou EMG Culture Creativity Limited Liability Company

08/2016: Officially listed on new three board, stock name:大石馆, stock code: 839186

Enterprise Culture

Entrepreneurial spirit: Stones change the life
Stone: Clear the boundaries of the enterprise from the literal, in other words, use the stone as the media. From the connotation, we advocate the spirit of the stone---pursuit of natural life, elapsed time of accumulation, firm and resolute character and perseverance in pursuit.
Change the life: The attitudes and behavior of EMG insisted will lead to the ideal lifestyle and life concept by the professional tools and cross-border approach.

Core values: Imagination, integrity, excellence, win – win
Imagination: Adhering EMG entrepreneurship and innovation, we strive to explore and challenge ourselves. Consistently, realize the goals and dreams of individual and company.
Integrity: With an open mind to build cross-platform, to show respect for the individual personality in the tolerant attitude, pay attention to the team-oriented, trust partner, willing to share and take the responsibility.
Excellence: Optimism, perseverance serious, good at learning, diligent in self-examination, to correct the mistakes and improve ourselves while pursuit the first-class products and services.
Win – win: Customer first, respected partners, common growth, mutual benefit, focus on employee, help each other and maximize the interests of all parties.

Enterprise vision: To become a source integrated expert in the solutions of providing stone.
EMG is ability to integrate the quarry, logistics, processing, design, construction, aftermarket, finance and many other dimensions for the developers. It may have the integrated ability to the individual consumers. Face the customers, EMG can provide professional, superior products and services. Within the enterprise, each employee is required to become an expert in the field of the corresponding functions.

Enterprise mission: Provide the comprehensive solutions for the model of stone supplied by Party A to developers, through the global network of quarry resources and the whole industry chain integration capabilities.

Enterprise Strategy: Committing to the quarry customization and provide the comprehensive solutions for the model of stone supplied by Party A to developers through integrating the global mining resources and consolidating the designers’ network. EMG strives for listing and becoming the leader in China’s model of stone supplied by Party A.

Growth Process